Frequently Asked Questions

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I. About us

  1. What is MaxiDed?

    Information about us can be found here


II. Hosting

  1. Which countries and data centers are located dedicated server?

    We provide dedicated servers in the largest, most reliable and best data centers in the world:

    Netherlands - TeleCity, Schuberg Philis, EasyNet, EvoSwitch

    Germany - Databurg, Hetzner Online, Giga-intenational

    USA - Powerloft, Caro, Softlayer

    Ukraine - Steephost, Besthosting

    Poland - ATMAN

    Moldova - Mango

    Russia - ColoCat

    Canada - White Falcon Communication

    Portugal - Rackspot

    Turkey - Radore

  2. How soon after placing an order can I access my server?

    Since the payment server installation takes from 2 to 72 hours, depending on the country of deployment, data center and the availability of equipment ordered. If the ordered equipment is not available, you will be offered equivalent.

  3. Can I get additional IP addresses?

    Please open ticket with request additional IP 

  4. What are Panel, Plesk and DirectAdmin?

    Panel, Plesk and DirectAdmin are complete control panel solutions for shared, virtual and dedicated hosting. The control panel simplifies the management and administration of websites. Control panels automate a large number of tasks that enable administrators to reduce operating costs and the number of resources required, while increasing profitability, performance and customer satisfaction at the same time.

  5. What is your anti-spam policy?

    MaxiDed has a zero-tolerance policy for unsolicited bulk e-mail and unsolicited commercial e-mail (UBE/UCE, or ‘spam’). Including such unsolicited mail from its customers, clients of its customers and/or subcontractors. MaxiDed defines UBE/UCE as unsolicited broadcast or commercial e-mail that is sent to addresses that do not affirmatively and verifiability request such material from that specific sender, including but not limited to advertising, surveys, information, third-party spam, website addresses, sales and auctions.

  6. What is cPanel/WHM?

    cPanel is the most popular control panel available for dedicated servers. It is fully supported by MaxiDed and may be requested at the time of your order. cPanel provides an intuitive interface to help website owners manage their sites, while WebHost Manager (WHM) automates server management tasks for server administrators. Together, they simplifying complex server management tasks, allowing efficient server control. Supported operating systems: RedHat/CentOs, and BSD.

  7. What is DirectAdmin?

    Directadmin is an economical control panel solution, supported by MaxiDed, which allows server administrators to quickly manage many tasks, including email, ftp, dns, subdomains, file manager, MySQL databases, site backup, etc. It is available for current versions of RedHat/Centos, Fedora, Debian, and BSD.

  8. Can I try out download speeds?

    We provide sample test files to test the superior quality of the our partners network in each configuration for servers.

  9. Is there a fee charged for upgrade or downgrading after business hours?

    After business hours the fees charged are $30 1hour.

  10. Which operating systems can I choose from for my new dedicated MaxiDed server?

    There are no restrictions with regard to operating systems. We install a the most popular operating systems at the time of provisioning (FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Debian, CentOS, Suse, Redhat, Ubuntu and all current Microsoft operating systems. We also provide you the opportunity to mount your own operating system and install it using an optional IP KVM interface.

  11. Does MaxiDed install the operating system, the applications and the software?

    MaxiDed installs your operating system and also supported software packages on request, including Apache, PHP, MySQL and several other basic packages. As these servers are unmanaged, we do not implement any additional software products outside of our standard service. Most customers with a dedicated server can install these packages themselves, with their own configuration and security restrictions or arrange for third party support to handle specialised software configurations.

  12. Is a control panel installed on my server?

    There is no default control panel installed on your server. We offer Plesk, cPanel and DirectAdmin. For more information please open ticket New customers can request a control panel when signing up for a new server.

  13. How many websites can I host on a dedicated server?

    You can host an unlimited number of websites, but make sure that the server is not overloaded with more websites than it can handle. How much it can handle depends on the specifications of the server and the type of websites you wish to host on it. Our entry model can easily handle around 500 average websites.

  14. Will I have access to the root of my server?

    You have access to the root of your server and can install any software you like on the server.

  15. Can MaxiDed make backups of the data on my server?

    The customer is responsible for making backups of data and system configuration. We recommend all customers maintain current backups of their mission critical data and regularly test their backup restoration capabilities. MaxiDed does not currently offer a backup service for customers with dedicated servers, however, backup service will be a future offering.

  16. Do you offer remote booting?

    Yes, and you do not even need to contact one of our staff members for this. You can manage the power supply to your servers directly from your MaxiDed platform. You can check the current power supply status and switch the power supply on and off as necessary.


III. Financial

  1. I have lost/forgotten my login details for the MaxiDed platform. How can I request these?

    If you send messages requesting new login details, we will send them to you as soon as possible. PLEASE NOTE! We can only send you new login details if your email address has been verified in our system.

  2. Are there any special discounts or discounts if I pay upfront?

    Yes. Please open ticket

  3. I receive all my invoices by e-mail. Is it also possible to receive my invoices by post?

    In principle, we only send our invoices and reminders by e-mail. This saves time, envelopes and stamps, and also contributes to a cleaner environment.

  4. What should I do if I have both a technical and an administrative question?

    Technical questions should be sent from our ticket system:

  5. How long will it take to receive an answer to my question/request?

    It is our policy that customer questions are completely resolved as soon as possible. Usually we can do this within 1-6 hours, but depending on the complexity of your question and our work flow, it may take longer to provide a comprehensive response. We will endeavour to update you, if a question requires extended time to respond. Once a question has been ticketed, it is unnecessary to repeat the question. It will be answered in turn and multiple emails with the same issue, will only delay the process.

  6. I would like a copy of an invoice. / I have not received an invoice. How can I obtain one?

    If you have access to the MaxiDed platform, you can download and print your invoice yourself. If you do not have access to the MaxiDed platform, send ticket and the password to the MaxiDed platform will be provided to you.

  7. What is the best way to pay an outstanding item, order or invoice?

    The fastest way is to pay via Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the preferred payment method, because it enables us to receive and process your payment very quickly and secure.

  8. Can I view my invoices online?

    You can view your invoices and payment status in the MaxiDed platform:

  9. I have received an incorrect payment reminder / suspension notice.

    Please send an message and tell us what you think it is incorrect. We will then contact you as soon as possible.

  10. I have received a payment reminder / suspension notice, but I have already paid. However, I do not see any payment in the MaxiDed platform.

    If you have already paid the payment in question, and there is still no payment in the MaxiDed platform after 24 hours, please send an message with your payment details  We will then contact you as soon as possible.

  11. Is it possible to pay in advance?

    Yes, your payment will be credited to your account balance and can be applied to your next invoice/invoices.


IV. Legal

  1. Policies

    Terms and Conditions MaxiDed - PDF


V. Support

  1. How can I perform a File System check (Linux)?

    It very important to note that running a File System Check on a file system that is mounted in a writable state can cause severe data loss or corruption.

    To perform a File System Check manually you have three options:

    In most cases a file system check will be run while the system is being booted up, before the file systems are mounted completely. You can reboot your server to have this done automatically. If any major problems are found, the boot process will halt and the server will wait for user-input on the console.

    If this appears to be the case you can create a ticket with any information you have regarding the specific server and what commands were run before rebooting the system.

    Run a File System Check through a Live Operating System or ‘Rescue Mode’ which can be requested to be run by sending an messages to the Support department

    When this is done a different Operating System will be booted on the server without making any changes to the hard drives in the server. A File System Check can then be run on the local hard drives through the Live OS.

    Run a File System Check manually during the system’s boot process is if you have access to a KVM. You can reboot the system into single user mode and run the FSCK before the file systems are mounted or after dismounting them

  2. How can I reset the password on my server on a linux system?

    On Linux systems a user password can be reset on the command-line by using the utility ‘passwd’. Running this command without any options will change the password for the current user. Running it while logged in as the root user will allow you to change passwords for other users. This can be done with the command ‘passwd username’. In this case “username” is the name of the user of which you want the password to be changed. If you have lost your root password or are unable to log in with the known password you can reset this by having the server rebooted into a Live OS or “Rescue Mode” or by using a KVM and booting into single user mode if a KVM is available for your server.

  3. How can I reconnect a KVM cable (to another server)?

    If you need us to check or reconnect a KVM cable you can send message with the details of which cable needs to be connected to which server exactly.

  4. How can I disable a firewall in Linux?

    On most Linux distributions ‘iptables’ is the standard firewall. You can view the current firewall rules with the following command: ‘iptables –L’. To flush, or clear, the current rules you can use the command: ‘iptables –F’. This will disable the firewall rules for your current session.
    Make sure to set the default policies to accept traffic by issuing `iptables -P INPUT ACCEPT` and `iptables -P OUTPUT ACCEPT`. If the default policy is set to DROP traffic, flushing the rules will lock you out.
    It is possible that when the server is rebooted the firewall will be reinitialised. Depending on whether this is set up or not you might have to empty the script file that initialises these rules to permanently disable the firewall. Scripts like this are often found in the /etc/init.d/ directory in Linux distributions; however there is no set location where you will always be able to find a script like this.

  5. How can I enable/disable Remote Desktop (Windows)?

    Remote Desktop can be enabled or disabled on Windows 2008 by going to the Start menu, right clicking Computer, selecting “Properties” and then going to the “Remote settings” menu.
    More information about the two choices for enabling Remote Desktop, “less secure” and “more secure” can also be found in this particular window by clicking on the “Help me choose” link.

  6. How can I disable RRAS (Routing and Remote Access) (Windows)?

    Routing and Remote Access is used for advanced routing settings such as VPN connections. In Windows 2008 this is a server role that can be selected through the Server Manager.
    To add or remove this role, go to the Server Manager at Start -> Administrative Tools -> Server Manager. Routing and Remote Access is a service provided by the following role: Network Policy and Access Services.
    More information about Routing and Remote Access can be found in the following Microsoft Technet article:
    A step-by-step Guide for Configuring Remote Access Policies Using Routing and Remote Access on Windows 2008 can also be found on the page above.

  7. How do I (Re)Configuring Windows TCP/IP Filtering?

    TCP/IP filtering is no longer used in Windows 2008 versions. Advanced firewall settings can be defined in the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security.

    In Windows 2003 and 2000 TCP/IP filtering can be configured to allow or deny traffic to or from the server on specific ports and protocols. Details about the configuration of TCP/IP filtering in Windows 2003 can be found in the following Microsoft knowledgebase article:

  8. Can can I reinstall my control panel? (Plesk, Directadmin, cPanel)

    If a server reinstallation is requested, or required, we will also be able to reinstall the control panel software for which you have a license at MaxiDed.

    Please bear in mind that our services with regards to Dedicated servers are unmanaged; if you require extended support with the configuration of a server or control panel there might be extra costs associated with the work. You will always be notified in advance if this is the case.

    More information can be found in the knowledge bases of the respective control panels:
    Parallels Plesk:
  9. What happens if there is a Hardware failure?

    With dedicated servers, both custom-built and our express-line, the hardware will remain property of MaxiDed. If you find that there is a problem with the hardware in one of these servers you can send ticket to  preferably with as much detail about the specific problem as possible. When we have the required information and have found the problem with the server, we will be able to replace the failing hardware. Since the hardware is property of MaxiDed no extra costs are involved.

  10. What should I do if I cannot connect to my server via RDP or SSH?

    If a server has become unresponsive and you are unable to log in through Remote Desktop or SSH you can send send ticket to with the details of the problem so that we can look into the issue.

    To be able to look into this we require the Administrator or root password and the name of the server. If you have any additional information about why the server has gone down or why it has become unresponsive this could help us locate the issue more quickly.

  11. Does MaxiDed offer emergency support during weekends?

    MaxiDed offers  support 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. This includes weekends and outside business hours, Central European Time.
    To request support you can send ticket to at any time.


VI. Sales

  1. What kind of payment options does MaxiDed offer?

    MaxiDed offers you the option to make payments with Bitcoin, Paypal, Webmoney, Perfectmoney, Wire Transfer. Please check our payments method:

  2. Is it possible to upgrade hardware?

    It’s not possible to upgrade your hardware for servers since these are ready to use standardised configurations. However, you can easily select your preferred configuration on a custom built server. For more info please open ticket

  3. How can I order a server?

    You can easily order servers via our web-shop, our sales team is more than happy to assist with custom solutions, please open ticket with your specifications.

  4. Is it possible to receive support via email and phone?

    MaxiDed offers 24/7 English and Russian Support via simple ticket system: We are sorry, but telephone support is not provided.For sales we have Skype, Jabber and Live Web chat.

  5. What are the MaxiDed reseller possibilities?

    As a MaxiDed resellers you can enjoy special pricing and advanced tools to help you manage your customers. For more information please send message

  6. What DDOS protection does MaxiDed offer?

    MaxiDed has a strict anti-DDoS procedure. MaxiDed  monitors all traffic (in&out) via its cisco netflow. A flow is defined as IP traffic with the same source IP, destination IP, source port and destination port. When a destination IP address in the network receives more than 35.000 flows/sec that IP address is automatically blackholed for a certain time.

    When an IP address has been blackholed an email is automatically sent informing the technical contact in the MaxiDed platform about the DDoS and blackhole. The first time an IP address is targeted we blackhole the IP address for one hour, every subsequent attack (within 24hours) that time is doubled.

  7. Are my personal details secure at MaxiDed?

    Your personal details are always secure at MaxiDed. We will never sell, rent, or disclose your personally identifiable information to outside parties without your consent unless compelled by a court of law to do so. For more information you can contact us